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Harper tells banks to expand abroad

This is from the Financial Post.

This may not be good advice. Many foreign banks are for sale at rock bottom prices because they have been investing in risky investments. Icelandic banks can perhaps give better advice on expanding into foreign countries!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Harper tells banks to expand abroad
Financial Post
Hyungwon Kang/Reuters
Prime Minister Stephen Harper urged Canadian banks to acquire assets abroad in an interview with the Financial Times.
The newspaper reported Tuesday that Mr. Harper said Canada's banks could lead the charge toward consolidation in the world financial sector because of the relative strength of their balance sheets.
Canada's big banks, which have stayed profitable throughout the global financial crisis, now rank among the 50 largest banks in the world.
"I'm not going to try running banks, but I hope our banks will see this as an opportunity to build the brand – the country's brand, their own brand – and to expand their scope …

Alberta Health Superboard gets super pay raise

It seems that the abolition of the local boards now will provide the funds for raising the pay of the super board. The whole issue of centralization of authority together with increased bonuses should raise super ire among Albertans.

Critics blast Alberta health board's 25% raises
Last Updated: Friday, March 27, 2009 | 7:27 PM MT
CBC News

Provincial critics are furious about a 25 per cent pay raise that the Alberta Health Services board voted for themselves earlier this week.

Board members approved the increase at a meeting in Red Deer on Wednesday. It will see them take home $50,000 a year for the part-time position, as well as $750 for each board meeting.

Chairman Ken Hughes will be paid $75,000 annually, as well as $1,000 for each board meeting he attends. There are about four board meetings a month.

"Board members shouldn't get bonuses for attending board meetings — that's their job," Alberta NDP Leader Brian Mason said on Thursday.

Rates released in June for the in…

Information on RCMP in Dziekanski case

This is a good bit of muckraking journalism. Some of the RCMP officers involved in the incident certainly have a less than spotless record. When this type of event happens and everything seems to be done to clear the police it is no wonder that the public begins to lose confidence in the police.

National Post

Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Just who are these men?

Brian Hutchinson, National Post

Benjamin Robinson Andy Clark, Reuters Files

Before slamming his Jeep into a young motorcyclist, the off-duty RCMP corporal had been drinking. Only two beers, consumed at a late-afternoon party, insisted Benjamin (Monty) Robinson, to a Delta, B. C., police officer who attended the fatality.

But his eyes were bloodshot, according to the officer's written report. His speech was slurred. A "strong" smell of liquor emanated from his breath and from his person.

This was in October, 2008, one year after Cpl. Robinson and three other Mounties had confronted an agitated Polish traveller at…

Taser shock to head may cause seizures

This is just another example of the dangers of using tasers, the sort of evidence that Taser International hates to see. It is rather ironic that this particular case involves a policeman as victim!

Stun gun shock to head may cause seizures, doctors warn
Last Updated: Monday, March 16, 2009 | 4:45 PM ET Comments91Recommend44CBC News
Most reports of Taser-related side-effects have concentrated on cardiac complications. (Toby Talbot/Canadian Press/AP)A police officer who was mistakenly hit in the head by a stun gun suffered seizures, Canadian doctors reported on Monday.

The officer was in his 30s and previously in good health. He was hit by a Taser shot meant for a suspect involved in a police chase, Dr. Richard Wennberg and coauthors from Toronto Western Hospital and the University of Toronto reported in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

"Until now, most reports of Taser-related adverse events have understandably concentrated on cardiac complications associated with shots to t…

Strike ends at Brandon Medical Clinic

Good to see a strike end with an agreement by both parties rather than being forced back to work. I will be able to arrange an appointment for a checkup when I get back from the Philippines the end of March. The thirty plus temperature here takes a bit getting used to. No doubt the snow will still be on the ground when we return!

Strike ends at Brandon medical clinic
Last Updated: Friday, March 13, 2009 | 11:06 AM CT Comments7Recommend2
CBC News

The strike at one of Brandon's largest private medical clinics is over.

The Brandon Clinic Medical Corporation and the union representing its 57 striking support workers have reached a new three-year collective agreement that provides for a six per cent wage increase this year, and four per cent for the following two years.

Temporary workers have been keeping the clinic open since staff hit the picket line in mid-February.

The clinic issued a news release Friday stating staff will be back at work on Monday.

The unionized members, whose duties incl…

Harper:Ottawa doing better than most other countries

This is from the Toronto Star. Harper cannot seem to make up his mind whether he is going to stress the severity of the recession or give a more upbeat speech as he does here. As mentioned his article simply ignores unemployment for the most part and the loss of manufacturing jobs. He did not mention either the fact that he prorogued parliament to avoid defeat. I guess that is ancient history!

March 10, 2009 Bruce Campion-Smith

OTTAWA – While job losses are mounting and stock markets plunging, Prime Minister Stephen Harper insists Canada is faring better in this global recession that most other nations."The American economy has been hit twice as hard as Canada. The same is true for the Europeans. The Japanese have been hit four times as hard," Harper told an audience in Brampton in a noon-hour speech today. Harper sought to put a positive spin on the economic crisis, saying that Canada's fundamentals are strong and claiming that his governm…

Alberta doctors to hear how UK cut wait times.

Alberta ER docs to hear about changes to U.K. wait timesLast Updated: Friday, March 6, 2009 | 1:34 PM MT CBC News It is good that Alberta is seeking reform advice from experts outside the US. The US is not at all efficient and is very costly compared to most systems and also it is not universal as are Britain and most of the European systems. Personally I have never had to wait any significant length of time in an ER but I gather in some cities it is a real problem even in Winnipeg in Manitoba.

A British physician who advised former prime minister Tony Blair will speak to doctors in Edmonton on Friday about how Britain changed its health-care system so waits in emergency rooms are limited to four hours.Dr. Matthew Cooke will talk about the "four-hour rule," whereby patients are either treated and sent home or admitted to a hospital bed within four hours of showing up at an emergency room, 98 per cent of the time.In order for the change to occur, the country's Nation…

Tories, Liberals escalate standoff over stimulus

I doubt that Ignatieff will be willing to have an election over this issue but then you never know for sure. Harper seems bound and determined to provoke the opposition or pull the wool over their eyes. To ask for some degree of accountability is hardly a sin when the govt. will have several weeks before the matter comes to a vote. Harper is supposed to stand for more accountability in government but he has shown precious little accountability so far.

Tories, Liberals escalate standoff over - Canada - Tories, Liberals escalate standoff over stimulus March 04, 2009 Joan Bryden
OTTAWA – The spectre of a spring federal election loomed larger Wednesday as Liberals and Conservatives reached an apparent impasse over a $3 billion fund aimed at quickly stimulating Canada's sputtering economy. Liberal finance critic John McCallum said his party will propose a motion next week calling on the government to itemize precise…