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Saputo to close 3 plants in Canada

Saputo Inc. announced it will close three of its plants in Quebec, Ontario and Atlantic Canada. In all, 230 workers will lose their jobs by the end of next year. The closings are designed to cut costs and improve efficiency of the company.
The shares of Saputo SAP rose one percent on the Toronto Stock exchange on the news. Saputois based in Montreal Quebec. A plant in Sydney Nova Scotia will close this June after being purchased in 2014. In August, another plant in Princeville, Quebec, will close — it was bought in 2015 and makes goat cheese. The last plant in Ottawa, with 126 employees, will close in December of next year. The Ottawa plant was just purchased from Nielsen in 2008. Production will be diverted to other Saputo plants. The company hopes to save about $9 million annually from the move by 2019. Over the next two years, Saputo plans to invest $32 million in other locations. The company expects it will cost $23 million to close the plants, including a $19 million writedown of…

Polls indicate Progressive Conservatives should win Manitoba provincial election

Polls indicate that the Progressive Conservatives(PC) are far ahead of the reigning New Democratic Party (NDP) and the Liberals with the Manitoba provincial election a little more than a month away on April 19.
At dissolutionthe NDP held 35 seats, the Progressive Conservatives 19 and the Liberals just one. Two seats are vacant. The NDP went through a crisis last year whenfive cabinet ministersrevolted and challenged the leadership of Greg Sellinger and resigned from his cabinet.. Sellinger won in a subsequent leadership review. While dissension appears to have lessened, a total of nine sitting NDP members are not running in this election,. Perhaps they see the writing on the wall. Two recent polls show the uphill battle facing the NDP. A Forum Research Poll on March 13th showed: NDP, 22 percent of the vote; PC, 46 percent, and Liberals 23 percent The Green Party had 8 percent.. A Mainstreet Technologies poll on March12th showed: NDP, 27 percent; PC, 43 percent, with Liberals at 24 perc…

Canada to share information about Canadians traveling overland to the US.

A development of the recent meeting of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Barack Obama is that Canada will share with the US information on Canadians traveling overland to the states. The U.S. will reciprocate.
Thomas Walkom, writing in the Toronto Star, notes that in the U.S., national security is a key issue and Canada is considered suspect. He points out that Obama's first homeland security chief, Janet Napolitano, insisted that the 9/11 attackers came through Canada, even though evidence seems to contradict this. The announcement of the agreement was made not by Trudeau but by Obama. The Canada Border Service already provides Americans with data on third-country citizens and Canadians who are permanent residents who travel overland to the U.S. However, the information consists of only basic data such as name, date of birth, and point of entry. Walkom remarks that federal privacy commissioners have pointed out that information sharing can be dangerous. In…

Canadian citizen killed in Benghazi Libya

Owais Egwilla, the son of a former Ottawa cleric, was killed in Benghazi while in an area controlled by the Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries. =Khaled Misellati of the Canadian Libyan Community Association, who knew Egwilla, said: “Apparently a bomb fell on that building and the building collapsed on them. He wasn’t fighting.” The Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries gave a somewhat different account on a Facebook page linked to them, saying Egwilla and another man died "after a battle they waged against a group from the disbelieving forces." These would be forces loyal to General Khalifa Haftar, the commander-in-chief of the Libyan National Army (LNA). According to the intelligence group SITE, his uncle Abdul Rahman Egwilla said on his Facebook: “Allah loved you with martyrdom, which you had sought while you were still young.” Reports say Egwilla was a member of a militia affiliated with the jihadist group Ansar al-Sharia. Ansar al-Sharia is one of several jiha…

Even if Trump becomes president Americans should not come to Canada

When Donald Trump won big on Super Tuesday in the race to become the presidential contender for the Republicans in the next election, searches for "how to move to Canada" jumped well over 1,000 percent in one day.
Perhaps the floodgates will be open and we will need to build a wall to keep Americans out — just as Trump wants a wall along the Mexican border with the U.S. to keep out Mexicans. Maybe if Trump wins, the flow will reverse itself. The idea of building a wall along the U.S. border with Canada is not new: Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin,.. has been ridiculed online since raising the idea of building a mammoth security wall along the Canada-U.S. border.Now, perhaps Canada should revive the idea to keep Americans out. A UK comedy show has a scheme that shows considerable entrepreneurial skill to fund the wall, as shown on the appended video. We used to have a federal investor program in which you could effectively buy citizenship but this has been discontinued …

After two months, 6 year old Canadian child still remains on no-fly list

Syed Adam Ahmed is still having troubles because he is on a no-fly list even after considerable publicity about his case. The Liberal Public Safety minister, Ralph Goodale, promised to look into the matter two months ago.
Back in early January.Digital Journalhad an article about Ahmed's problem. However, on Friday the six-year-old with his parents was unable to check in online for an Air Canada flight to Edmonton from Toronto. The family was traveling to a wedding on the weekend. Ahmed's mother,Khadija Cajee tweeted: “Our 6 year old is still on #NoFlyListKids. Still flagged at online checkin. When does it stop?” She also told the CBC:  'He still is not afforded the same right to check in online as any other six-year-old child. When I go to try to check in, it gives me a security warning stating that the status cannot be completed and to see an agent at the airport. And that, we know, is because he's been flagged because he's on the list," The situation is somewh…

Canadian study will develop tools for mining social media for signs of mental illness

Every minute of every day there are about 347,000 tweets on Twitter. On Facebook there are 293,000 statuses. Four hundred hours of YouTube videos are uploaded.

 1 of 2 Facebook users Liked more than 4.1 million posts per minute in the most recent year. Twitter users tweeted more than 347,000 times, a considerable increase from 277,000 last year. Apple uses downloaded 51,000 apps, a slight increase from 48,000 a year before. This data is being mined by marketers in order to produce target ads, but it is also being used by governments, scientists, and law enforcement agencies to help with their needs.The data has been used for purposes as diverse as predicting epidemics and foiling cyber-terrorists. Soon the data will be mined as a means to identify and monitor people who show signs of mental illness on line.
Minister of Science in the Liberal government, Kirsty Duncan announced that as part of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada's (NSERC) Strategic Partnership Gra…

Liberals to repeal Conservative immigration bill

Immigration Minister John MacCallum has introduced legislation in the federal parliament that repeals the law passed by the former Harper government that stripped dual Canadian citizens of their citizenship if convicted of terrorism-related offenses.
The Liberals promised during their 2015 election campaign that they would repeal the law. The promise was applauded by many lawyers, civil rights activists and others. So far the law has been usedto deprive only one person of his citizenship — Zakaria Amara, the ringleader of the so-calledToronto 18who were charged back in 2006 with planning "to detonate a truck bomb in downtown Toronto, storm Parliament Hill and behead the prime minister." Amara, also a Jordanian citizen, was convicted back in 2010 and sentenced to life in prison. Although he is eligible for parole this year, he is unlikely to be released given the nature of his crimes. The group had been infiltrated by Mubin Shaikh, who worked on behalf of the Canadian Securit…