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Canadian complaints about airport security

The Canadian Broadcasting News(CBC) filed an Access to Information request for complaints sent to the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority.

It turned up hundreds of interesting stories as to what has happened at Canadian airports.  CATSA is responsible for security screening of people and baggage, and also the administration of identity cards, at all Canadian civil airports.

In a case last October an observer said he had seen a dog in a carrier go through X-ray screening equipment. He said no one stopped the elderly man from putting the dog in a  carrier on the conveyor belt.

When the dog emerged on the other side an officer berated the old man. The witness asked to speak to the officer's supervisor who allegedly refused and also would not give the witness the number of the CATSA complaint line.

A man with a packaged drone in his bag questioned why screeners wanted him to power up his machine. He complained that Transport Canada rules state that drones should not be flown cl…