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2 epileptics from Edmonton charged after violent acts during seizures

Two men who were violent while suffering from epileptic fits have been arrested in Edmonton and charged with criminal offenses.
The arrests raise questions about whether people should be responsible for acts when suffering epileptic attacks that may make it impossible for them to control their actions. It also raises questions about police reactions in such situations. In one case Neil Ryley said that his family called 9/11 asking for an ambulance when he became violent during a seizure. However, instead several officers arrived alone and he claims they beat him. A police spokesperson, who did not say anything about the alleged beating, claimed that Ryley head-butted an officer breaking his nose. The spokesperson said the other arrest was of a man who was said to be running naked near a school during or shortly after a seizure. The man was tasered and then arrested. More details are given about the Ryley case in a CBC article. Ryley's partner and ex-wife Tracey Schimpf said she ca…

Canadian terrorist killed in back of taxi

Aaron Driver, 24, was shot and killed in the back of a taxi where he had detonated an explosive device.  Ralph Goodale, the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness said that Canada needed to step up its counter-radicalization effects. Driver was found to have made a "martyrdom video" in which he said he was planning to launch an attack on an urban center during the morning or afternoon rush hour. 

Driver was well known to authorities and was under a peace bond for communicating with what the RCMP said were well-known Islamic State supporter in the UK and US. Goodale said: The government of Canada has to get far more proactive on the whole issue of outreach, community engagement, counter-radicalization, determining how and in what means the right positive constructive influences can be brought to bear to change what otherwise would be dangerous behaviour." 

However, the threat level for terrorism in Canada still remains at "medium" where it has remai…

UN report claims Canadian company violated UN arms embargo on Libya

A report from a UN panel says that armoured vehicles from the Streit Group shipped armoured personnel carriers to Libya from its Mideast facilities several years ago, in violation of an international arms embargo.
The March 2016 reportwas drawn up by experts who are monitoring compliance with the UN security council arms embargo imposed back in 2011. The Streit Group is owned by Guerman Goutorov, a Canadian citizen, who resides in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Streit Manufacturing is located in Innisfil Ontario. The finding will no doubt spark further debate about Ottawa's policy with respect to arms shipments. The Liberal government of Justin Trudeau has been carrying on a policy of exporting arms that is similar to that of the former Stephen Harper Conservative government as a recent article in the CBC claims. The article points out that the Liberal government approved selling $11 billion in arms to Saudi Arabia: The document, signed by Foreign Affairs Minister St├ęphane Dion, …

Green Party supports Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement against Israel

The Green Party of Canada is the first major federal party to support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. Party leader Elizabeth May is opposed to the resolution.
 1 of 2 After the vote at the Party's convention in Ottawa, May said she is going to reflect on her future role as leader of the Green Party. TheCanadian House of Commons voted to support a Conservative motion to condemn the movement in February. Even though the Liberals have a majority in parliament, most Liberals including the leader Justin Trudeau supported the Conservative opposition motion. They could have easily defeated it. Although the New Democratic Party (NDP) supports Israel they opposed the motionas did May of the Green Party. Even though objecting to the motion, Mulcair is a strong supporter of Israel. May, who represents the BC constituency of Saanich-Gulf Islands told a reporter from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC):'We had a very abbreviated debate and a ver…

Supreme Court judge in B.C. finds RCMP guilty of entrapment

John Nutall and Amanda Karady who were found guilty on terrorism charges in June of 2015 had the verdicts thrown out as a British Columbia Supreme Court Justice found that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were guilty of entrapment.
The couple thought that they were planting pressure-cooker bombs to kill and maim crowds gathered at the B.C. legislature on Canada Day three years ago. However, the plot was not their idea and police operatives convinced them that it was a better plan than those the couple suggested.The justiceeven called the terror plan a "police manufactured crime". Justice Catherine Bruce did not mince words but claimed the RCMP used trickery, deceit, and even veiled threats to ensure that the couple tried to carry out the very terrorist acts of which they were found guilty. In her ruling, she even said:“The world has enough terrorists. We do not need the police to create more. There is clearly a need to curtail the actions of police ... to ensure that …

Canadian-owned ship "arrested" in Tobruk for lacking proper permit

The Tobruk-based House of Representatives (HoR) government of Abdullah al-Thinni is now requiring that all ships have a permit from this government before they enter Libya's territorial waters. +The internationally-recognized government of Libya is the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA). Earlier the HoR required that any oil tankers seeking to export oil should have a permit issued by the eastern-based National Oil Company rather than the one associated with the GNA based in Tripoli. The two rival oil companies were supposed to have been merged but this appearsnot to have happened as Al-Thinni demanded changes to the terms of the agreement. The Libya Observer reports that a Canadian commercial ship heading from the western city of Misrata to Tobruk was arrested when it entered Libyan waters without permission from the HoR government. The arrest was made by the Libyan Combat Naval Brigade in Susah. The Brigade is linked to the HoR. The commander of the brigade, Mohammed …

New Federal pay system generates huge backlog

A meeting will be held today to question senior Canadian government officials about the controversial new Phoenix payroll system, after ruling Liberal members of the government operations committee approved further study of the new program.
 1 of 2 The new payroll system has left about 80,000 federal public servants with problems with their pay. Opposition parties demanded the meeting after they received numerous complaints from constituents without any response from Judy Foote, the minister responsible for public services and procurement.Steven Blaney , procurement critic of the Conservative opposition, said: "While the Liberals continue to dodge this serious issue, both opposition parties will work together to find a solution to this problem." Even Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the Phoenix pay problem "was unacceptable." The situation has reached a point where even four Liberal MPs agreed with the opposition so that department officials, federal empl…

200 to 250 thousand liters of oil leaking into North Saskatchewan River

Between 200,000 and 250,000 liters of crude oil and other material from a breach in a Husky Energy oil pipeline near Maidstone Saskatchewan leaked into the North Saskatchewan River.

The crude oil and other material leaked into the river on Thursday upstream from a breach in Husky Energy’s pipeline near Maidstone, Sask. Maidstone is about 84 kilometers west of North Battleford. North Battleford saw signs of the spill early Friday morning and shut down its water intake from the river. The town has a ground water supply as well. The company had shut down the line and put out booms across the North Saskatchewan River about 40 kilometers upstream from North Battleford.
An anonymous Saskatchewan government official said that the oil was getting past the booms as it was lifted above them by high water levels.
Prince Albert, a city of about 35,000 people a considerable ways down from the spill is already planning to treat storm pond water as a backup as the oil lead advances towards it. Sam F…