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French critic of CETA prevented from entering Canada allowed to say for a week

Jose Bove a French farmer, member of European Parliament, and anti-globalization activist has been allowed to stay in Canada for seven days after being told yesterday he would have to leave the country today.
However, Bove missed his speaking engagement scheduled for Montreal last night. TheCouncil of Canadians had asked Bove to speak on his opposition to the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA). He will be able to attend a conference at St. John's later on this week. After Bove had spent hours in customs by Canada Border Services Agency on Tuesday, Bove had his passport confiscated and was informed he had to leave Canada on Wednesday afternoon. He was told he was being expelled because of his previous criminal convictions, including one in which he vandalized a McDonald's restaurant.Bove has been convicted of crimes resulting from his activism a number of times. However, he has been to Canada many times before with no issue. His experience in th…

Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor wins one million dollar prize

Montreal - Charles Taylor has become the first winner of the Berggruen Prize for Philosophy. Taylor, 84 will be given the prize in a ceremony in New York City on December 1.
 1 of 2 TheBerggruen Prize in Philosophy is intended to recognize living thinkers whose ideas are of basic importance for contemporary and future life. The prize comes with a generous cash award of one million dollars. Theinaugural prize was awarded to Taylor for his contributions that "fundamentally shaped public discussion of the nature of multi-culturalism, secularism, and contemporary religious life." Taylor will be invited to present and discuss his work at a major lecture and symposium to be held in New York City in December. The prize is sponsored by the Berggruen Institute a think tank and research institute in Los Angeles California. The institute is funded by Nicolas Berggruen a billionaire investor and philanthropist. An interesting article on Berggruen and the institute can be found in the LAT…

Liberals keep Harper's cuts to federal health transfers

Back in 2011, the Stephen Harper Conservative government announced, without agreement of the provinces, that funding of health care transfers would be reduced by $36 billion.
Discussion of the reduced funding in 2011 that outlined health care spending up to 2024 can be found in thisGlobe and Mail article.The annual funding rate would be reduced from six percent annually down to three percent. The federal transfers are essential in helping poorer provinces offer health care that is consistent with the Canada Health Act and is meant to ensure the quality of care is at a reasonable level throughout Canada. Liberal Health Minister Jane Philpott, on CTV Question Period said that the Liberals will maintain Stephen Harper's lower targets on health care transfers. Often governments will promise one thing during an election campaign but then renege on the promise after the election. This often causes considerable backlash and can hurt ratings. In this case the Liberals did not promise anyt…

Canadian analyst argues that a Trump win of the US presidency would be net benefit for Canadian economy

Matthew Barasch, Canadian equity strategist for RBC Capital Market, argues that if Donald Trump wins the presidency of the United States in November this would be a "net positive" for both the Canadian economy and Canadian stocks.
Barsch bases his prediction on Trump's pro-oil policies, and proposals for lower tax rates.Baraschnotes that reports about a Trump presidency should be taken with a grain of salt: “We would be very cautious with those who suggest that markets will crash and dogs and cats will live together upon a Trump victory as these types of stories often sell newspapers, but have little connection to reality." He made the remarks in a note to his clients. Barasch claims that Trump's tax cuts would in the near term probably give a boost to the U.S. economy, which would mean more exports to the U.S. from Canada, increasing GDP. He thinks that Trump's policies would lead to higher interest rates as economic growth and deficits increase. This along…