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Two Canadian airports ban ads from Quebec company Flight Claim

The Quebec Company Flight Claim, based in Montreal, in April signed a contract for $73,000 that would allow them to run ads on baggage screens at Montreal's Pierre Elliot Trudeau airport.
The campaign started just last week and lasted only four days before it was abruptly stopped. The promotional ad claimed that passengers could receive up to $1,800 in compensation and to contact the company if they wanted help to fight their case. The ads can be seenhere. The general manager of Flight Claim, Jacob Charbonneau said: "We're just there to protect and help the rights of the passengers, so we feel it's kind of sad that we're not able to publicize in a free market" The company will take on passengers' claims in return for 25 percent of the compensation received. Charbonneau claimed that many passengers are unaware of their rights for delays, cancellations, and overbooked flights. The company website is here. An email sent to Flight Claim by the airport's a…